Construction site monitoring solution from ENAiKOON

Telematics is a growing technological field that helps cut costs and improve business operations on the construction site.

Day by day, more companies are applying M2M technology —machine-to-machine communication— for the integration and optimisation of tasks, which improves the management and productivity of employees, the fleet and the overall construction site.

The fields of application vary but the main goal for us has always been to improve our customers' competitiveness and bottom line.

We at ENAiKOON are specialists in tailoring customised, effective, and affordable solutions designed specifically for your needs.


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monitoring construction site employees
  • know exactly which employee operated which vehicle, and the vehicle's hours of operation
  • analysis of the driving and operating behaviour of employees
  • access control: only licensed and approved drivers can operate machines or construction equipment
  • employee timesheets
Equipment tracking using GPS
  • manage maintenance schedules
  • remotely diagnose and monitor equipment systems
  • improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon footprint
  • record machine use
monitoring your construction site for security
  • protect assets from theft and loss
  • help prevent fuel theft
  • stop machine, vehicle, and equipment theft
  • eliminate unauthorised use of machinery